Features for Churches and Non-Profits

  • Security

    We have been providing online giving services for 6 years and take security very seriously! We are PCI Compliant and meet all the strictest PCI/DSS security stands, such as SSL certificates and encryption, intrusion detection, and transaction security.
  • Recurring Gifts

    A steady stream of recurring giving is the number one reason for churches and ministries to accept online giving. When members set up recurring giving, you don’t have to worry about people skipping a week – it creates consistency and improves giving habits, as well as helping during vacation season when fewer people are giving in church.
  • Mobile Giving

    SimpleGive has a Giving App that can be customized for your church! Our mobile web app works on any smartphone or tablet, including Apple, Blackberry, and Android devices. The app is included with any online giving account, and we can create a custom icon for your church or ministry. Text giving is also available as an extra service.
  • Payment Types

    SimpleGive Online Giving can accept any form of electronic payment (debit, credit, and eCheck/ACH), but you have complete control over what forms are accepted by your church. If you want to exclude just credit cards, your account can easily be limited to only accept debit and eCheck/ACH.
  • Access Giving Data

    Giving trends, high giving months, low giving months, month to month comparisons, all displayed in a simple to read graph that is viewable from any web browser. We also have reports that show giving Year to Date by donor. You can also create a wide range of custom reports right from your management portal.
  • Pledges

    Our pledge functionality enables your members to pledge a certain amount to your church or ministry. The pledge module will track a member’s donations towards the pledge and can alert them via e-mail if they fall behind.
  • Integrations

    We are constantly improving our control panel to make it easier for your church’s financial administrators to do their job. An example is the pre-built data imports and exports we have for many of the most popular financial packages, such as QuickBooks, Shelby, ACS, PowerChurch, Servant Keeper, IconCMO, HelpMate and Church Office Online. If yours isn’t listed, then we can add it for you!
  • No User Limit

    SimpleGive wants your church or ministry to grow without limits, so we don’t put any limits on our software! The more people giving through your system, the better – with no extra costs, ever. So you never need to worry about the number of people giving to your church.
  • Church Giving Kiosks

    Having a giving kiosk set up in your church is one of the best ways to collect donations. Many people don’t carry cash or checks, but the iPad kiosk allows them to give using a card while church is on their minds! SimpleGive has floor stands, table mounts, and wall mounts for your iPad giving kiosk.
  • Funds & Campaign Drives

    Active churches frequently have many different funds or campaigns for people to contribute to! Whether you have missions to fund or just need some new Sunday School supplies, you can set up as many different funds as you want – it’s unlimited, for no extra cost.
  • Your Church’s Branding

    SimpleGive can be customized in a wide variety of ways to match your church’s name, brand, logo, and colors. Our designers will create a unique online giving page and even e-mail templates for your church or ministry. All of the materials will be created to transition seamlessly between your church’s website and the online giving site. Branded online giving pages make your members feel more secure, because they recognize the branding of their own church.
  • Text Giving (Text to Give)

    SimpleGive makes text giving easier than ever. We issue your church a private SMS phone number that is not shared with anyone. Donors simply text an amount to your phone number and we handle the rest! Funds settle with the rest of your online donations, typically 2-3 days. The best part? No added transaction fees.
  • Event Registration

    You have the power to set up, edit, and report on event registration forms, such as for youth events, retreats, or special fundraisers. Unlimited events means your active church never has to worry about adding another registration form!
  • Reduced Administration

    All giving is shown in a single page. No more counting money, or opening envelopes. All giving records are displayed online and can be exported to excel, csv or directly to your church’s financial system. Do you have a specific export format you need? We can easily add it for you.

Overview of SimpleGive